About 赤ひげ

2013-03-27 23:53

Learning and teaching effectively is my mission. I take the name from the main character in the Kurosawa film that explores and echoes aspects of my philosophy towards social justice and service.

Red Beard instead accepts the system of things to the utmost. He understands that all things must die, all things must suffer. It is what we do to combat this inevitable suffering that makes the difference. His ultimate goal is to truly heal, to ease the unstoppable force that is pain. This is a goal that can never be completed. That does not change the necessity of working towards this end however, and Red Beard is equally purposeful in his quest. Red Beard functions much in the same way that Camus’ Dr. Rieux does in The Plague. He takes compassionate action—the humanist thing—not out of duty to a religion, or a belief that humanity can be cured, but simply because it is the right thing to do—the only thing to do. Red Beard does not believe that his actions will change the way of the world, as he states that poverty is not a political problem, and that illness is a spiritual as well as physical condition, but instead hopes to do his part to fight back the overwhelming tide that will never cease so long as human beings walk the planet.—American Gloom

I am a math education major, expecting to graduate in 2016. My research interests are school choice and evaluation. I currently reside in Central Pennsylvania.




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