Peg With Pen: On Teach Like a Champ

2015-09-22 06:31

Teaching Like a Champ is a dystopian version of Keller’s Goodbye Teacher:

Out of the 46 videos I’ve watched I’ve seen 12 teachers smile and/or laugh and 6 students smile and/or laugh. Out of the six students who smiled or laughed 3 out of the 6 were due to a child having difficulty answering a question and/or making a mistake when answering…. In terms of what “talk” looks like, it takes form as a direct answer to a question from the teacher, popcorn reading (where the teacher calls on students to read a portion of a text – always a fun and relaxing strategy for readers who struggle), and 4 videos which showed a brief moment where children were allowed to partner talk (simply turning to the person next to you to converse).

Teach Like a Champ 2.0 is a warmed up turd, but maybe Lemov has a point, and we should really just give up on making a better world and accept that the most valuable thing our students can learn is how to deal with systematic unfairness and petty tyranny without going postal. Well, it turns out, maybe I’m not far off the mark:

All the classes are mainly children of color in the 46 videos I have observed so far. Out of the 46 videos there was only one video in which the children did not wear uniforms. I wonder, where are the wealthy districts in suburbia in these videos? Has this been tried out at Sidwell?

Who most the skills to deal with the emotional cost of micromanagement, unfairness and exploitation? Not the kids at Sidwell Friends.




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